You have unlimited use of all ASDTi surveys, and can enter your own questions using our unique survey. We provide evening and weekend support and you can carry out as many surveys as you wish. Payment  can be made using any card, securely via PayPal.  ASDTi may make discounts available from time-to-time, as a result of promotional activity, or simply to existing licence holders as they renew. It’s always a good idea to contact us for our best price - discounts may well be available. You can do this through our contact page or by phone.

Your annual licence is truly unlimited. During the 366-day period, you may conduct as many surveys, and receive as many reports, as you wish. Some secondary schools have managed as many as 100 surveys and reports in one academic year (though the mean is a good deal less!). Whatever works for you is fine by us…

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  • ASDTi RecruitmentASDTi has an unrivalled success rate in school & college SLT recruitment over the last 18 years.
  • ASDTi RecruitmentASDTi was the first to be recommended for recruitment by the Sixth Form Colleges Association.
  • ASDTi RecruitmentASDTi has an impressive client list in Sixth Form Colleges, Academies, Free Schools & Primaries. Governors consistently recommend us.
  • ASDTi RecruitmentASDTi has a range of products available online for you to buy online and download if you want to do the recruitment 'in-house'.
  • ASDTi RecruitmentASDTi offers psychometric testing at competitive rates for all schools and colleges. You can buy tests on-line and we'll do the rest.
  • ASDTi RecruitmentConsistently, year-after-year, ASDTi has led the way in successful Principal, Headteacher and Deputy recruitment.
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Annual Licence - unlimited use of all our surveys (Secondary School)



Annual Licence - unlimited use of all our surveys (Primary School - Covering Two Full Years)



Annual Licence - unlimited use of all our surveys (Secondary School - Covering Two Full Years)



Annual Licence - unlimited use of all our surveys (Primary School)




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New Surveys

ASDTi may make new surveys available during the year (in fact, since 2008 this has happened every year). Needless to say, your licence covers you for ALL the surveys we publish. If any new survey is added during the year, then your licence enables you to use that survey as well.

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